About Us

Since a young girl I remember always wanting to be apart of the fashion industry. My mother who was and still is the first fashionista I know always wore beautiful clothing and accessories. I always played around in her belongings pretending to be a fashion designer, singer, actress ,therapist etc. I was such a dreamer (HaHa)........ When my mom use to take me shopping I would always and I mean always have a hard time finding exactly what I wanted to wear. My mom would get frustrated with me sometime and say, they do not make what you want. You have an idea of what you want and it doesn't exist. She was absolutely correct. From there I knew I had to create my own lane in this material world....

A couple of years ago I had a hard time in my life where I was so uncomfortable.  In the midst of me being uncomfortable, I would try to embark on launching my jewelry business but something always came in my way interrupting my energy. Instead of letting interruption defeat me, I decided to Change the Narrative and discover the blessings in those moments. 

I had to be Interrupted to birth Pretty + Purpose. I had to Change the Narrative in order for me to see adversity as growth rather than hardship or pain.

In my Interruption I had to find light, peace and happiness. Because of adversity, I decided to not just sell flattering accessories but design and create pieces with a purpose. Pieces that speak beauty, strength and healing. Pieces that tell your story through style. 

Through my accessories I hope to inspire, uplift, and add to the beauty that's imbedded inside and out of you.


                                                         Akilah Q.



Live in the Moment
 Happiness is a Choice, a Muscle we must work at it..........
 Acknowledgement is Strength
Surrendering brings Purpose
        Healing is Necessary.......